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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 16, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: well, we learned a lot about wagner, didn't we? [laughter] so listen. if anything happened tonight to upset you, i'm sorry you got upset by people talking but i still believe people talk and saying what they think and saying how they feel is a good idea. so -- you'll be fine. go to sleep. [applause] captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,
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>> this is kpix5 news. >> in just two weeks, the bay bridge will close to all traffic. how crews will get the closing to get the new span open once for for all. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> the bridge will close both directions august 28 and reopen can with traffic on the new ian span 5:00 a.m. tuesday september 3. sue quan tells us what it will take to get traffic off the old span and onto the new. sue? >> reporter: it will take careful coordination and delicate demolition of the old
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span next to it. steel shins are ready to be installed. the temporary fix is expected to be relatively quick and possibly done in a day. westbound lanes will be created for the new bridge approach and i-80 will be connected to the new span. workers will be focused on paving and striping to guide drivers off the new roadway. all of this while demolition begins of the relic built in 1936. $5billion overbudget and 10 years later than planned, in the home stretch with one more period of waiting. here is what drivers think. >> i think it is pretty cool. look at it. it is a huge project. it has all these challenging elements to it. i mean, it is a structure marvel. they are going to shut it down
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to eat the eastern span up and running. how will you deal with that? >> i'm okay with it. five days, though? that's tough. >> reporter: if all goes as planned, the bridge will open on the third with a simple chain cutting ceremony with the fanfare saved for next yearment reporting live. >> bart will offer limited around the clock service. bart will announce more details including which stations will be open 24 hours in the next few days. tonight, students go back to school. and students at sonoma state are learning of a new ordnance that will cramp their partying. >> reporter: a student was arrested for public drunkenst.
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past houses were noisy. >> you could hear the music before you see the party. >> reporter: they wouldn't break up for hours keeping angry residents awake. they say the parties were out of control. >> hanging on the chandlers. in the morning when we woke up, there would be beer bottles, beer cans, in people's cars, people were throwing up in yards, throwing up on cars. garbage everywhere. >> reporter: the four-month party ban ensures that the offending house gets only one party per semester. >> it is a little overboard. >> you like to party? >> i like to have a good time. >> reporter: the penalty
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includes a scarlet letter of sorts. not only are they banned but they have to post a public nuisance sign of their window. if a cop drives by and that is not visible, they are fined another $100. it's a sign already seen in several party houses. >> the fine could go up to a thousand dollars for people who violate the party ban. two men who gang raped a girl in richmond high are going to prison for a long time. now one of the rapists apologized in court today hoping to get a lighter sentence to which the judge had a blunt reply. >> i know i can't take back any of the pain and suffering. >> reporter: jose montaro says
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he is remorseful. the other convicted rapist marcelles peter made no apologies. the victim only identified as jane doe, the gang rape and torture left her with permanent psychological and physical damage. >> i forgive both of you. but i could never forget and there are parts of me that will never be healed. >> reporter: the judge was not so forgiving calling the crime despicable. >> you will have to serve a minimum of 33 years before you are eligible of parole. >> reporter: and because marcelles peter was a minor, he got 29 years to life. neither man showed emotion. >> you dehumanized her. she stopped being a human being
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to you. she became a thing. >> reporter: the judge says she is beyond shocked what the defendants did to the girl who was 16 at the time. after she left the richmond high school homecoming dance, up to 20 people raped her and beat her for two hours on campus. the beating so bad, her parents couldn't even recognize her face. peter, 20, and montano, 22, will be 50 years old when they are eligible for parole. >> both defense attorneys plan to appeal the convictions. two other men are serving lengthy someones in the case and more will go to trial. a student was pistol whipped on campus at silver creek high. he was helping a female student that was being robbed. the girl wasn't hurt and the attacker got away. today the family of a san
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francisco man hit and killed by a cyclest asked to get a second chance. his was convicted in the death of a 71-year-old last march. instead of jail time, he will have to complete a thousand hours of community service. the victim cease son wants to be spent helping the elderly. >> that is something they father would have had to dealt with if he had survived. the time of person my father was, he always taught me to give people a second chance. no matter what happens. >> he must also serve three years probation. after sixth months, the judge could reduce the conviction totemist demeanor. right now, it is 8:00 a.m. in egypt. right now, egyptian security forces are preparing for another show down open supporters of the ousted president. supporters of the opposed
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president set buildings on fire. part of the out rage after security opened fire on protesters. cbs reporter charlie daggot is in cairo and introduces us to an egyptian american whose family was killed. some of the images are pretty hard to watch. >> reporter: inside the ali mosque today, we saw the human face of the suffering caused by yesterday's brutal crack down. there were rows an rows of bodies wrapped in shrouds. cover in bags of ice. people sprayed air freshener in a futile attempt to battle the stench. a steady stream of bodies have been leaving this mosque and relatives have been seeking their loved oning for burial. but for many, the nightmare wasn't over.
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this is amir. achmed came here to attend a family wedding this week. his brother lives in cairo. he took a break from the demonstrations to go, too. >> he got a chance to see the whole family and said good-bye to all of us. we didn't know it was going to be the last time. >> reporter: the father of two young girls was among the protesters. earlier this morning, achmed came to the mosque and saw he was one of the victims. >> it was too emotional. he was too young to die. >> reporter: he said when he tried to take his brother home, he faced another outrage from the government. >> when you came to retrieve your brother's body, what did they tell you? >> they said if you want to take the body now, you have to agree this was a natural death.
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that he died of natural causes. there is gunshot wounds in his neck. >> reporter: he is not alone. others in the mosque complained about the same thing. >> today the white house released this photo showed the president calling his national security staff to talk about egypt. later, he aid this to say. >> we notified the egyptian government we are can semiing our military exercise which was scheduled next month. skied my security team to assess the implications taken by their government and the steps we may take as necessary with respect to the u.s. egyptian relationship. >> the president did not answer reporter' question about if he would cut off the $1 million in aid the u.s. gives egypt every
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year. egyptians gathered to talk about those killed. >> this is not just about egyptians. as an egyptian teen, people from my own home country died, just a human being. just a human life. that is what this is about. that is why we are here. >> more than 100 people in attendance were white. >> well bush and clinton are two names you wouldn't expect on the same side of the political coin. >> find out which member of the bush family wants hillary clinton on the next presidential ticket. >> a big bill for a small margin. why one county is coughing up hundreds and thousands of dollars to move a jail. >> and the scientific reason a building will be reduced to rubble. >> did you feel the humidity outside? it was there and it jumped temperatures up at the coast.
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half-moon bay, 70 degrees. changing coming in the ,,,,,,,,,
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ramp from southbound to san jose is closed. they won't say why but a number of police officers are there. if anything comes of this, we will let you know. a member of the bush family might be throwing weight behind a democratic nominee. george w. bush's daughter barbara claims she wants hillary clinton to become president. two years ago, she supported gay marriage in a youtube video. the show in the bay area will take about 12 seconds. ryan pateo says that is how long it will take to implode anest bay landmark. >> everyday i look at the building, but it will not be there anymore. >> reporter: a view like this makes cal state east bay's
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warren hall like small. lee baker lives three miles from campus. >> and i want to find out as much as i can about earthquakes. >> reporter: the experts want to learn, too. that is why they are plants these near campus. including a few at baker's house. >> i will have a front row seat. >> reporter: the 13-story build sergeant now a shell of what it was. it was the worth earthquake hazard so school officials closed it because it is so close to the fault. >> the fault is about a thousand yards in that direction. in 12 seconds, that building is going to be a pile of rubble. >> reporter: implosions like like this one. the company behind it is the same one pushing the switch saturday. the impact will be minimal. >> if it lands on this pile of concrete over here, i have more than done my job. >> for the average person, you will not feel the vibration. the sensors are very sensitive.
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they pick up the slightest vibrations. >> reporter: they want to learn as much as they can and quick before the next big one. >> any time we can expect a big earthquake on the fault. >> reporter: it is no wonder neighbors like lee are watching closely. >> i'm not worried about it. i'm interested. >> reporter: the demolition will cost $12 million. school officials say lit be cheaper to demolish than to repair. demolition crews say watching implosions is fun, but not a spectator sport. they are keeping everybody back 1300 feet from the building. one inch, one inch is costing tax players hundreds of thousands of dollars. state regulators say the jail is one inch to close to a building next door. lit cost more than $149,000 to widen that gap if the board of supervisors doesn't pay for the fix, the county will lose $10
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million of state funding it needs. measure twice, build once. >> that's the rule. >> taking pictures and billing jails. >> it's true. in everything. >> we have the clouds back tonight. but we are setting things up for a really nice weekend. this is going the be super nice. saturday, sunday, all looking good. a live look outside. the oakland touchdown of the bay bridge. once you get past that point, lit be a little different. but for now, we have very similar weather in the city of san francisco as well. that humidity we had today, you likely felt it if you were outside, that is going to keep temperatures up to night because humid air holds onto the heat. so vallejo only down to 59 for you. concord, livermore, you are in the 60s tonight. santa rosa, 54. walnut creek will be warm, not hot. sunny and warm saturday, perhaps a degree or two cooler.
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87 right now. not much change yesterday than today. except for the humidity. where did it come from? a low pressure system off the washington coastline. it is how strong that flow will be. it is hot to the east like usually. it is chilly in the ocean. but where is our air coming from? just the next couple of days, there is just enough to hang the heat. next week, something different. we will see the on shore flow increase and we will have more of the ocean inflation. lit be cooler next week. temperatures normal through the weekend. clouds will be back near the water t bay, the coast, plenty of blue sky except for the the coast each afternoon for the next several. san jose, beautiful. 80 degrees high. san ramon, 87, 78 for vallejo.
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napa nice. mid 80s . in the city, 67, petaluma, 79 high. extended forecast, great weekend, 70s near the bay. 80s to near 90 and we will slow down. this is cruise control weather. great weather to get outside. do something outside. whatever suits you. >> beautiful. >> great. thanks. you might say, something at dodger stadium stinks. most bay area baseball fans would say, yes, it's the team. actually, no. it's these little critters. come on out of there. this skunk family has moved into the chavez ravine stadium. there are some dodger fans embracing the animals. they believe the skunks are the actually a little lucky charm for the dodgers who have gone from last to first place in the nl west.
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>> they are on a streak. >> a stink. >> they can keep the skunks. we don't need them at at&t parks, but it would really stink if the as would be swept,
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the a's this season... but thanks to a dominating performance from their rooki >> getting swept by the astros would have been the low point to the as this season, but thanks to a dominating performance from a rookie pitcher, it was a sunny outlook. only 16,000 on hand to see him put on a show. he had the first four-hit game for a rookie since 1998. another a's rookie was just as impressive. sonny gray was allowing just four hits as the as win 5-0. and move to within a game-and-a- half of the idle texas rangers. >> does he remind you of anybody in particular? >> like tim hudson anyway?
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>> he is one of my favorite pitchers. >> giants fans in dc finally have something to cheer about. giants found two in the ninth. hector sanchez takes a boarder line pitch that could have ended the game. on the next pitch? >> high and deep to right? it is out of here! unbelievable! >> good timing for sanchez's first home run of the year. the giants win 4-3. joe montana was the first 49ers quarterback to finish his career in kansas city, but not the last. elvis gurback had a career with the chiefs. >> it is personal with alex. you need a good friend t. and you know, no longer on our team. not a trusted agent anymore. i wish him the best.
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a long and healthy and successful career. >> it is time for the thursday night top five. back to the giants game. this might be why rafael soriano gave up the home run. carlos gomez is becoming a regular on the top five. number three, not a catch, but eric young jr. of the meting with a baseball like swat to keep rivera from a home run. at number two, giants, also with some timely defense today. brandon crawford in the 9th inning to take away a base hit from bryce harper. at number one, steph curry and james harden filmed a foot locker commercial. hopefully curry brought his ear plugs. ♪ i look the best.
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[ laughter ] >> yeah. >> the skunk made us go like this. >> james harden, smooth on the court. not so smooth in the audio booth. >> he is a man of many talents. >> that's right. >> auto tune. >> you can auto tune anybody. >> all right, are you left brained or right brain? >> those terms ,,,, female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train.
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4-year old paul franklin fr 4-year old paul franklin fr ed from vaca >> this next story, a little creepy. kind of slimy. four-year-old paul franklin cam back from vacation with a snail living in his knee. he ended up with one embedded in his knee. they thought it was just a staff infection. he is fine now. so is the snail because paul talked his mom into letting him keep it as a pet. named it turbo. perfect. you have probably heard the words left brain and right brain. left being logical and right being creative. now neuroscientists say that is a pop culture myth. researcherringanalyzeed brain scans of thousands of people and no one has one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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